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2.1. Server

To add a server, select File -> Add Server, from the Main Menu, or right-click on the server panel and select Add Server. Doing either will bring up the "Add a Server" dialog.  Monitors are added to a server by right-clicking on the server in the Server Panel and selecting Add Monitor.

Server settings dialog.

Hostname:  This must be the server's IP address or fully qualified domain name (i.e.  This is a required field.
Friendly Name (optional): A name to identify this server.
Location (optional):  Where the server is located.  This allows you to sort your servers by location in the Server Panel.
Server Notes (optional): Any notes regarding this server.
Alert E-Mail Address(es): E-Mail addresses to send alert messages to when a monitor attached to this server fails.
Override E-Mail Addresses: Check this box to have alert messages sent the e-mail specified above, rather than the default e-mail addresses.
Server Monitoring Enabled: Check this box to enable monitoring for this server.
Create a Ping Monitor: Check this box to create a Ping monitor for this server.  The monitor will ping the server every 15 minutes.

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