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2.2. E-Mail Alerts

E-Mail Alert settings dialog. 

Simple Server Monitor only e-mails monitor failures and recoveries.

E-Mail Address(es):  This is a comma separated list of e-mail addresses to send an alert to.  There must be at least one address.
SMTP Server:  The SMTP server to send the e-mail through.  It must be an IP address or a fully qualified domain name.
SMTP Port:  The port of the SMTP server uses.  Defaults to 25.
Check to use SSL:   Check this box if the SMTP server requires an SSL connection.
SMTP server requires a username and password:  Check this box if the SMTP server requires the user to authenticate.
UsernameThe user's SMTP username.
Password:  The user's SMTP password.
Enable e-mail alerts:  Check this box to enable e-mail alerts.
Customize E-Mail Button:  Clicking this button will bring up the Customize E-Mail Alerts dialog.
Test Settings Button:  Tests the given settings by logging into the specified SMTP server and sending test message.

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