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302 moved temporarily

I'm looking for a product to monitor our web based applications and am testing this one.

We have a java based application with an Apache front end running on port 8080 on a Linux box, however we have remapped port 80 on this box to point to port 8080 (using iptables). This pointer occasionally breaks upon a reboot, so I want to monitor port 80 which is the port our customers use.

However when I set up a monitor for port 80 (or 8080 for that matter), I get an error saying HTTP protocol error: 302 Moved Temporarily.

I'm just wondering if there is some workaround?

Rob | email
Mar 1 2007, 01:27 PM

You can use the Custom monitor and specify port 80. The Custom monitor connects to a port and then disconnects. Whereas the HTTP monitor sends a request and checks whether the response has a 2xx HTTP status code.

Admin (Admin) | email
13 hours, 41 mins since original post
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