Ping and Custom Monitors

The two most basic monitors are the Ping and Custom monitors.  For the Ping monitor, you need to specify the size of the data packet to ping a server with. The size can be between 8 and 1024 bytes. The default size is 64 bytes and is appropriate for most users.  As with all the other monitors, you can set the frequency of the monitor query (1 minute to 1440 minutes - one day) and the timeout.  The timeout is the number of milliseconds the monitor should wait for a reply.

Simple Server Monitor - Ping Monitor

The custom monitor is similar to a ping monitor, except it is used to ping a service, not a server.  To use a custom monitor,  you need specify the port and whether to connect using SSL/TLS.  The custom monitor does not send any information, it just connects to the given port and then disconnects.  This only tells you that the service is up and listening on a port, not whether it is functioning correctly.   

Simple Server Monitor - Custom Montor