The Simple Server Monitor download is a 30-day trial version.  After 30 days, the application will stop working until it is registered.  When you purchase a license, you will be given a serial number that will remove the time limit and the trial reminder.

Latest Version - 2.0.5:
Simple Server Monitor v2.0.5 - Click here to download the current version (6.5MB)

Zip File (contains the standard setup file above):
Simple Server Monitor v2.0.5 - Zip File (6.3MB)

System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.
.NET 2.0 Runtime - If the runtime is not installed, the Simple Server Monitor installer will download and install the runtime.

Release Notes:

Minor bug fixes and improvements to client and documentation.

Branding change.

Monitoring engine now runs as Windows service.
Added the ability to pause monitoring.
Added the ability to specify alert e-mail addresses on a per server basis.
Added user customizable e-mail alerts.
Added Office 2007 blue and black skins.
Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Added sound alerts.
Added the ability to launch an external application if a monitor fails.
Added a number of retries option to monitors.
Added a name field to Custom monitors.
Sending an e-mail from the SMTP monitor is now optional.
Pop-up alerts no longer steal focus.
Pop-up alerts can now be configured to not open the main console.
Updated the pop-up alert window to match current skin.
Fixed: Custom monitors connecting over SSL were not connecting correctly.
Fixed: Minor interface inconsistencies.

Minor GUI enhancements.
Chart titles were not updating when the underlying server or monitor was updated.
Several bugs that caused the program to crash randomly.

Added an icon toolbar.
Added an error reporter.
Updated data schema to be compliant with upcoming service version.
Fixed: Charts for disabled monitors were not grayed out on start up.
Fixed: Removed bare LF's in SMTP code.

Allows non-standard ports for HTTP/HTTPS monitors.
Monitor charts are now sortable.
Server and monitor configurations are now stored in an XML format.
Log files are now comma separated files.
Starts up automatically when a user logs in (optional).
Several bug fixes and minor GUI enhancements.

Added SSL/TLS support to the FTP monitor.
Added SSL/TLS support to the Custom monitor.
Decreased the number of background threads to 4 per CPU to increase throughput.
The Custom monitor no longer sends "Hello\n\n" after connecting.
Double clicking on a chart brings up larger version of the chart with more data points.
Removed gray background from charts.
Made other minor GUI enhancements.